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Customer Information

Dear MARVIN users,

since more than 20 years the digital seed analyzer devices MARVIN are used successfully and intensively at breeders, at institutes and at seed production companies for the analysis of their seed samples. The very fast analysis and the very simply handling of the equipment make it possible to process many samples. The extensive analysis results especially fort he seed size and seed shape are saved in a protocol or displayed. At further developments for the image processing and device construction new equipments will be presented also in the future.

Beginning of the 1st of February the business unit of the seed analyzer MARVIN of the company GTA Sensorik GmbH will be continued by a new company, the MARViTECH GmbH. This refers to the device production, the sale, the customer service and also the developments of the devices MARVIN.

You can contact the MARViTECH GmbH:

Harster Chaussee 20
19243 Wittenburg

Phone: +49 3885 223322-4

Managing director: Herr Thomas Stumpe

Please contact this company for all further questions.

At this time it is a big pleasure for me to say: „Many Thanks for the good and trusting cooperation over so many years“ to all customers of MARVIN.

Dr. Friedrich Fabry
Managing director

GTA Sensorik GmbH
Bornmühlenstrasse 14
17033 Neubrandenburg

Phone: +49 395 36 20 47 30


GTA Sensorik GmbH   •  Bornmühlenstraße 14  •  17033 Neubrandenburg  •  Phone: 0395-36204730