Digital Image Processing                                                 
                Measurement Systems for Meteorological Data
              Microelectronic Control Systems               
                  Large Scale Display Technology    

Product Description Weather Stations

With high-quality sensors we are able to record important meteorological data on our own measurement stations:

  • wind direction and wind speed
  • humidity
  • air pressure
  • air temperature.

An updated display in large scale at another place is possible through wireless data transfer. The data are presented with modern modules or you can see the information on internet sites.


The show cases are connected with large two-sided advertising spaces, which are on the scale of 1.2 square metres.

We are a partner for the whole bandwidth of data recording and data display:

  • electronic design and construction
  • site assembled construction
  • maintenance
  • making and exchange of advertising posters.

You can find our stations in many health resorts at the German Baltic and Nordic Sea.
If you are interested in rental of advertising space also outside of coast area please get in contact with us.


Here are our references

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