Digital Image Processing                                                 
                Measurement Systems for Meteorological Data
              Microelectronic Control Systems               
                  Large Scale Display Technology    


The GTA Sensorik GmbH is an innovative company which has engaged in developing device systems with high technology level and special hard- and software since 1993.

Specialists of different fields (physicists, software and electronic engineers) are working together on new developments.

GTA Sensorik GmbH placed in Neubrandenburg (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) operates on two divisions:

1. Digital seed analyzer / counter MARVIN – digital image processing and image acquisition systems

2. Advertising display cases with large display technology for weather data – measuring systems for weather data acquisition; display systems, wireless data transfer, microelectronics control systems.

All efforts center on product improvements manufactured by us according to customer needs and technological feasibilities.

Dr. Friedrich Fabry is the managing director.

Dr. Friedrich Fabry


GTA Sensorik GmbH   •  Bornmühlenstraße 14  •  17033 Neubrandenburg  •  Phone: 0395-36204730