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Technical Details

  With the seed analyzer MARVIN it is possible to count and to measure (length, width and shape) seed samples very fast. After connection to an electronic balance it is possible to determine the thousand grain weight (TGW).


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The seeds are spread on a tray. A digital camera takes the pictures and a specific software analyses the pictures. The results are written into a protocol table. With the help of control pictures you can track the process analysis. A data export can be made according an MS EXCEL format (*.xls,*.csv). It is possible to save the configurations according to customers / seeds needs and to recall them at the re-start. The analysis is made in a jiffy, so that some hundreds of samples can be processed within a day. The counting accuracy is very high (error< 1 %), an ISTA-conformity is achieved. The device handling and software operating are easy to use and fast learnable. Due to very less wear no regular service is needed. The sample identification can be written from keyboard or by an barcode scanner.

We can provide two different devices

- For seed size 0.8 mm up; pixel resolution 0.3 mm
(all field crops)

- For seed size 0.2 mm up; pixel resolutions 0.1 mm
(flower and vegetable crops)



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